Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 23 En Route to Bergen

 This morning, after a late start, we attended two lectures.  The first was by our port lecturer, Peter Croyle.  It is difficult after such an outstanding port lecturer as Dave on the Dawn Princess for any port lecturer to measure up.  Peter knows the area here around Norway but is a rather dull presenter.  The second lecture was by John Maxtone – Graham.  He lives in New York, but has a cultured English accent.  He is a world renowned maritime historian and a most entertaining speaker with nteresting asides.  He said that all the early steam ships had a dwarf as a member of the crew so that when photographed next to the dwarf, the smoke stacks looked bigger than they really were.  He began today’s talk with “Beware the pox, beware the plague, beware the ides, but most of all beware a man with a box of slides.”  We watched the men’s Wimbledon finals this afternoon.  It was won in 4 by Djokovitch.  Tonight was a formal night and after dinner, we were entertained by the Princess singers and dancers.  They performed cinematique.  We have seen this show before but the two main singers are very good this time.  Most of the dancers and singers on the Ocean Princess are Australians.

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