Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 36 Geiranger.

This morning we disembarked in the Storfjord, before the ship reached the town of Geiranger.  We tendered ashore to the little town of Hellesylt to begin a most fabulous day with waterfalls, mountains and glaciers.  The Storfjord is very narrow with lofty sides and dramatic vistas.  This area was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2005.  The peaks and waterfalls around Hellesylt inspired Ibsen to write Brand.  We went by bus from Hellesylt, passing the large lake Hornindalsvatn, to Stryn and then to Olden.  The scenery on this trip was breath taking, and the twon of Olden was just gorgeous.  We walked from Olden to the foot of the Briksdal Glacier.  On this walk we saw where the foot of this glacier reached at different times from the eighteenth century until today.  During all this time, the glacier has receded and progressed and receded.  We also saw many goats grazing.  After our walk, we had lunch in Olden and then travelled to the Jostedal National Park where we saw a movie on the making of glaciers, samples of huge rocks found in glacial areas and samples of the plant life found here.  We then travelled via Lake Strynsvatn to Dalsnibba which is about 2000 metres above sea level.  From here we looked down over the Geiranger fjord to where our ship was anchored, waiting for us.  Today was sunny and very warm.  Most of the Norwegians sat by the lakes, the men with their shirts off, enjoying the sunshine.  We spent time tonight watching the ship sail away through the spectacular scenery of this majestic fjord.  We saw streaming rivulets of water pouring from the top edges of the rocks.  The waterfalls here have names such as ‘The Seven Sisters” and “The Bridal Veil”.   What a marvellous day for the eyes and the soul!

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