Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 37 Alesund

Another beautiful day!  Today, we went to Giske and Godoy Islands.  Alesund is located at the  mouth of the Stor fjord and straddles seven islands with a network of bridges and tunnels that have earned Alesund the nickname of “The Venice of Norway”.  The first sign of active construction in Alesund occurred in the ninth century when the Viking chief, Rolf the Granger built a castle at the mouth of the fjord.  This same Rolf, also known as Rollo, was the bold leader who settled his Norman warriors in that part of northern France that became known as Normandy.  The island of Giske is known for its bronze age burial mounds and its lovely twelfth century marble church.  Rolf was also an ancestor of William the Conqueror.  On Godoy, we saw the lighthouse and the small beach.  Evidently, the beach has sand one year and stones the next.  It had stones when we were there.  The people who run the lighthouse gave us the most superb piece of cake each with a cup of coffee.

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