Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 27 Day at Sea

We woke today to see land outside our port side window.  This was most unexpected since we were supposed to be traveling north with only the sea to the port side.  A quick look at the map showing where the ship was, showed that during the night we had changed course.  Later, we discovered that we were heading for Tromso to deliver a seriously ill patient to the hospital.  She had suffered a stroke at about 8.00 pm last night.  At about 10:00 am she was taken off the ship in one of the tenders.  By the time the tender returned to the ship and we set sail again we had lost about five hours.  This means that we will not arrive in Murmansk, tomorrow, until about midday.  Today we attended talks on Murmansk and more talks on the large liners of the sea.  Lenny Windsor who wrote for the Benny Hill show told us stories about Benny Hill.  Evidently, Benny would never spend any money.  He was worth $60000000 when he died and most of his money went to the government.  Lenny was extremely scathing of Ben Elton whom he claimed started untrue rumours about Benny, which resulted in Benny’s TV programme being axed.  Tonight, we rounded North Cape, which is the most northern point in Europe.  I am still getting used to so much daylight.  It is quite unbelievable.  We have just been to a show called “Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance”  starring singers James Shaw and Geraldine Atkins and featuring the Ocean Princess dancers.

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